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Software Engineer (GSM/UMTS Network Optimization System)

Job descriptions:

Qualified candidates will have the chance to join Motorola H&NM Software Operations and work with market team to provide network optimization system solution as well as the system deliverables to optimize the GSM/UMTS network performance as well as planning.

Scope of Responsibilities/Expectations

-          Perform design, development, test and deployment work of the network optimization system

-          On-site deployment support


(1)   MS degree and can be full time intern at least half year, preferably in computer science, software, electronics or telecommunications

(2)   At least 1 years software development experience, familiar with C/C++, C# or Java;

(3)   Be familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio

(4)   RDMS and SQL language knowledge and development experience on MS SQL Server/Oracle/MySQL related projects

(5)   Software architecture and design experience and skills

(6)   Basic knowledge (work experience is highly preferred) on GSM, CDMA, v2.5G, and 3G wireless technologies and equipment;

Qualified candidates MUST have good work style and good communication skills. MUST be fluent in oral English and be good at documentation in both English and Chinese.  

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